Saturday, March 24, 2012

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The last few weeks I have been busy with travel and rodeos.  But when I had an opportunity, I would spend a few minutes here and there down in the Man Cave. I have completed laying all the ties for the layout. I used 6'-6" ties from Mt. Albert, and glued them down using Elmers wood glue. To speed up the process, I ordered a Tie Rack from Fast Tracks. Next, I spent some time trying to make the layout look like something besides a flat board. If there is one thing I have excelled at in my years in the hobby, it is building mock-ups of the structures for a layout. This layout is no exception. I build my temporary structures from foam core, matte board and ACC. If I have plans for a structure, I will print and laminate them with Elmers spray adhesive. For others, I will print and paste copies of the windows or doors I plan to use for the structure.
The little time it takes to make these mock-ups goes a long ways towards giving a vision of what the layout will look like. The nicer the mock-up, the longer you have till you actually have to sit down and build the real thing! Lol!
One thing I have not excelled at is photography. I'm planning to improve on that as this blog moves along.

Compare the above photo with the header of this blog. I am pleased with how accurate the layout is looking so far.

Though not a part of his workbook series, Mike Blazek does offer individual plans for the Dickey depot, engine house and pump house. I enlarged them from HO to S (136%).

My model of the C&S Forks Creek tank is serving as the mock up for the Dickey tank. The Dickey tank however is 47,500 gallons as opposed to the tiny Forks Creek tank.

My next chore is to sand, distress and stain the ties before ballasting and laying rail.
- Cowboy Up!