Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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    It's been a month since my last blog entry. For whatever the reason, I've been in a funk when it has come to working on the layout. I had a cold for a week, which went away and then returned with a vengeance for another two weeks. That really didn't help put me in the mood to do anything. I did acquire a few things that are needed though. One of those was the skirting, and I managed to get it installed. I acquired an C&S #22, a #70, and an NCE Cab04pr throttle. I also collected the necessary parts to build a "walk-around" sound system as Lance Mindheim has described and installed. I plan to have individual sound in all of my locomotives. But when operating alone, it will be nice to listen to the chest thumping bass as if I were seated in the cab of the locomotive.
There are a few more little tasks that need to be completed so I can get them off my plate and move forward. What really needs to happen; is that I get up the nerve to start painting the backdrop.

I ordered the skirting from Premier Table Linens. It is attached with Velcro for ease of installation.

Here is the hinged information panel on the left side of the layout. It includes a Sony digital photo frame and a PVC sign. The right side panel will receive similar treatment with information and photos pertaining to the High Line.

    I need to step it up with rodeo season fast approaching. I'm considering putting together a tool kit containing enough supplies to build rolling stock during idle times out on the road.
~Cowboy Up!