Leadville Sn3 |

Builder: Keith Hayes

Prototype: Colorado and Southern narrow gauge

Locale: Leadville, Lake County Colorado

Period: Early Summer, Late 1930's

Scale: Sn3 (1:64)

Layout Size: 24" x 240"

Style: Shelf (someday double deck with a spiral connection)

Benchwork: Open grid

Roadbed: 1/2" Homosote on hardboard splines

Track:  Micro Engineering code 70 flex track on the main and ME code 55 on the sidings with code 70 turnouts built using a Fast Tracks jig.

Mainline Run: Approx. 20' (for now)

Train Length: 84" or a locomotive, 10 cars and caboose when going downhill.

Maximum Grade: 1%

Minimum Radius: 30"

Power & Control: Digitrax DCC, Tortoise turnout control

Backdrop: Photograph panorama (someday)

Scenery: Pink and blue polystyrene foam insulation

Disposition: Under construction