Friday, April 20, 2012

Cinders for ballast | 4 Comments - Click Here :

I've completed ballasting all the roadbed with cinders. My previous experience has been that it is much easier to get this completed before hand laying rail. The look of a heavily used mainline is only temporary as much of this will be overgrown with dirt and weeds once scenery is complete.
I begun by sanding the ties level. Then proceeded to use a four part process to distress and stain the ties. After they were dry, I poured cinders from Mountain Modelcraft, securing them with the tried and true white glue method.
- Cowboy Up!

Step 1: Stain with Silver wood. Step 2: Distress ties with a heavy-duty wire brush tool designed for use in a drill.
Step 3: Stain with Weather-It. Step 4: Dry brush with Quaker Grey.