Chalk Creek On3 |

Builder: Randy Rieck. All photos by Bob Boorman.

Prototype: Colorado and Southern narrow gauge

Locale: Chalk Creek Canon, Chaffee County Colorado

Period: Fall 1915 to abandonment 1926

Scale: On3 (1:48)

Layout Size: 30' 6"  X  10' 3"

Style: Point to point around the room, double decked on 1 side.

Benchwork: L girder

Roadbed: L girder

Track: Code 83 hand-laid on wood ties. Turnouts built in place. 

Mainline Run: 105'

Maximum Grade: 3.5%

Minimum Radius: 36"

Power & Control: NCE  PROCAB  DCC

Backdrop: Masonite painted sky blue, mountain scenes to come.

Scenery: Almost all buildings in place. Terrain just started.

Disposition: Under construction