Clear Creek HOn3 |

Builder: Harry Brunk (from 1980 to 2010) - Photos by Rick Steele

Prototype: Colorado and Southern narrow gauge

Locale:  Clear Creek Canyon
Period:   1930’s after the abandonment of the Central City Switchback in 1927

Scale:  HOn3

Layout Size:   Huge

Style:  Cobbled together

Benchwork: Cobbled together mostly open frame

Roadbed: Homasote or Celotex
Track:  Flex Track and hand laid. Many stub switches

Mainline Run:  Over 800 feet

Maximum Grade:  4.5%

Minimum Radius:  15”

Power & Control:  DCC

Backdrop:  Painted on Masonite

Scenery:  Painted plaster over foam

Disposition: Permanent exhibit at Cheyenne Depot Museum

Website Link: Cheyenne Depot Museum