Dickey Sn3 |

Builder: Darel Leedy

Prototype: Colorado and Southern narrow gauge

Locale: Dickey, Summit County Colorado

Period: Early Spring, Mid 1920's

Scale: Sn3 (1:64)

Layout Size: 28" X 120" plus two 48" staging cassettes

Style: UK Exhibition

Benchwork: Open grid

Roadbed: 1/2" Homosote

Track:  Hand-laid Micro Engineering code 55 and Railway Engineering stub turnouts.

Mainline Run: (approx.): 10' (east staging entrance to west staging entrance)

Maximum Grade: 0%

Minimum Radius: 106"

Power & Control: NCE DCC, Tam Valley servo turnout control

Backdrop: Hand-painted on 1/2" Gatorboard

Scenery: Pink foamboard

Disposition: Under construction