Friday, November 27, 2015

Back In The Saddle | 3 Comments - Click Here :

Don Pacetti's HOn3 layout currently under construction. See the layout database under the main header for more.

    Darel Leedy - (Blog post #200!) We hope you'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. After an extended hiatus of not posting, Roper and I are ready to settle into winter mode and get some modelling done. We hope to be posting views of some completed scenery soon!
    I've also invited my friend Keith Pashina to blog about his Gilpin Tram modeling both here and in the forum (the Gilpin was owned and operated by the C&S). Keith and I go way back with a common interest of all things Gilpin.
    A few others have also expressed interest in contributing to the blog as well. Don Pacetti will be blogging about his HOn3 modeling. I have added his layout to the database which can be viewed by clicking "Como HOn3"  just below the main header of the blog.
    I want to take a moment to thank you all for making the Discussion Forum such a phenomenal success! I am simply amazed at the amount of information being shared and discovered (thus taking the pressure off of getting things posted to the blog!). I don't think you can find a better resource of C&S information anywhere online. Much of it so new you won't find it in any publications either.
    Thanks also to all the other model railroad bloggers out there no matter your subject matter. Your posts are an inspiration to keep Roper and I populating the Blogosphere.

~ Cowboy Up!