Pitkin On3 |

Builder: Don Peterson

Prototype: Denver, South Park and Pacific

Locale:  Pitkin, Colorado area

Period:   DSP&P 1885ish w/ link & pin couplers
Scale:  On3

Layout Size:   Approx. 20'x 50'

Style:  Around the walls

Benchwork:  Open grid

Roadbed: 1/2" Homasote over 1/2" Plywood

Track:  Hand laid Code 83  w/ scratch built pre-Fast Track stub turnouts

Mainline Run:  Approx. 200'

Maximum Grade:  The entire layout was built on the level

Minimum Radius:  36"

Power & Control:  Cab Control

Backdrop:  Hand painted on drywall

Scenery:  Hard shell over cardboard web. Rock castings from home made latex molds 

Disposition: Jefferson County Landfill - RIP 1993