Thursday, October 24, 2013

Visitors and Distractions | 8 Comments - Click Here :

    Over this last month I've been quite busy, and unfortunately I don't have a railroad update to share. I did have some visitors as my good friends Joe Crea and Keith Pashina dropped by. Keith was in town for his annual sojourn into the Colorado mountains. Years ago, the three of us had collaborated with research on the Gilpin Tramway. Keith still models the Gilpin exclusively, while Joe now models large scale traction. It was great to see you two again!

Joe, myself and Keith.
    I have to admit that Casper (the beetle) has stolen much of the thunder from the railroad. I'm really enjoying working on it. Right now the engine is out to do a full tune-up and cleaning. Once it goes back in, I hope to hit the workbench and finish installing DCC and sound in one of my locomotives.
Engine out!
    One of my other modeling friends Doug Heitkamp, is also a Volkswagen expert. He has been helping and schooling me all about these cars. The cool thing is that when he comes over, we can play cars, or we can play trains! Thanks Doug!

Doug inspecting the clutch
I really do plan to work on the railroad this winter. Yes I really, really do plan to work on the railroad this winter!
~ Cowboy up!