Trout Creek Sn3 |

Builder: Derrell Poole (2006 thru 2010)

Prototype: Colorado and Southern narrow gauge

Locale: Trout Creek Pass (Platte River Tank to Macune when completed)

Period:  September, 1909

Scale: Sn3 (1:64)

Layout Size: 33' x 32' (when completed)

Style: Sectional

Benchwork: "Trevor Marshall" plywood modular (Dec. 2005 RMC)

Roadbed: Mixed plywood cookie and spline

Track: Hand laid code 55 and 40

Mainline Run: 200 plus feet (when completed)

Maximum Grade: 4%

Minimum Radius: 31"

Power & Control: Lenz DCC

Backdrop: Painted on Masonite (when completed)

Scenery: Mountain Park and Colorado "Pass" Terrain

Disposition: Dismantled