Como HOn3 |

Builder: Don Pacetti

Prototype: Colorado & Southern narrow gauge, South Park Division

Locale: Como, Jefferson, Kenosha (with fictitious mining complex), Boreas & Garos

Period: Late 1930's

Scale: HOn3 (1:87)

Layout Size: 12' X 18'

Style: Walk-in

Benchwork: L-Girder / bench combination

Roadbed: 1/2" Homosote, with foam and cork track bed

Track:  Micro-Engineering Code 55 flex track, with Hand-laid Cream City turnouts. Bridges and trestles are hand-laid Micro-Engineering Code 55 Rail. Model Masterpiece's 50' wrought iron turntable

Mainline Run: (approx.): Approximately 50'. Como yard is 12' long

Maximum Grade: 2.5%

Minimum Radius: 20"

Power & Control: NCE DCC, Tam Valley servo turnout control

Backdrop: Hand-painted on sheet rock. Corners rounded to reduce shadows.

Scenery: Pink foamboard for general shapes, with foam rock castings. There are 7 wooden trestle bridges on the layout.

Disposition: Under construction; benchwork and track complete, wiring in-progress. Many buildings already completed, and salvaged from previous layout.