Thursday, September 20, 2012

Turnout Servos Installed | 2 Comments - Click Here :

I have successfully installed all of the turnout servos. I utilized the micro servos available from  
Tam Valley Depot. They are very small but work great! Come to think of it; anything bigger is overkill when throwing Sn3 turnouts.
I modified the positioning of the servo bracket by mounting them sideways on a block of wood. This allows the servo arm direct swing to more precisely line up the stub turnouts. To control the servos, I utilized Tam Valley's Quad Pic, Dual Three Way and Hex Frog Juicer. There will be no control levers or switches on the fascia of the layout. Control of the turnouts will be from a wireless NCE DCC throttle. 
I found the installation and programming of these to be easy and am very pleased with the way they operate. I am looking forward to operating the layout using this method!
- Cowboy Up!

2 Comments - Click Here :
  1. Look great Darel! I'm very interested to hear how the TAM valley devices work. Nice to see you taking turnout control into the modern age.

  2. Thanks fellow D's! Don't know about the modern age...We'll still have to imagine the miniature brakeman walking over to throw the switch as opposed to the hand of God though.