Monday, October 29, 2012

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With the track work completely finished and operational, it's time to move on to the next phase of construction; the backdrop and valance (the shadow-box). As tempting as it was, I purposely waited on this stage to make it easier to lay the track. I was able to work from above and both sides rather than having to reach in and under.
I plan to use Gatorboard for the backdrop and fascia. It is strong, lightweight (the layout is heavy enough as it is!) and resists warping better than masonite. It is also available in a 10' length, so there would be no seam in the backdrop or fascia. It is rather expensive, but I think the trade off will be more beneficial than going with a lesser material.
While I wait for the Gatorboard to arrive, I will investigate lighting options and maybe even build the two hidden staging cassettes.
I'm looking forward to recreating scenes such as below with a backdrop behind it!
- Cowboy Up!

2 Comments - Click Here :
  1. it's lookin' mighty purdy, D.

    I'm looking forwad to seeing the finished layout. But then again not. I hope when it is done it doesn't go the way of most others with residence in the Local Landfill. I hope you hang on to it.

    I'm just sorta freaky about that sorta thing anymore...


  2. Thanks d.
    Well, at least if it ever does I don't have to load it up and drive it there.
    I can just cut it in half and set it out with the trash.
    ( :