Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Along The Blue" #3 | 2 Comments - Click Here :

A few stories about one of my favorite subjects; Jugheads:

Summit County Journal; Jun 18, 1904;
  On Saturday last, Pery Ault's team took fright at a passenger train at Dickey and ran away. Team and train left Dickey at the same time, the former beating the later into Dillon by two minutes. No damage was done.

Breckenridge Bulletin; Feb 28, 1913;
  While the driver who took Sheriff Thomas to Dickey Friday was in the section house getting warmed up, the team warmed themselves up by running away, but were stopped half way to Frisco without much damage having been done.

Summit County Journal; May 31, 1902;
  Strayed from the Braddock ranch along Blue River, sorrel horse, weight about 1050, branded BD on left shoulder, white star on forehead, bushy mane, quite a number of white spots on body. Last seen at Dickey station, May 23. Liberal reward for information or return of animal to Dode Potter, at dredges, Breckenridge.
2 Comments - Click Here :
  1. Ya godda love horses! Speaking of which;

    so is the Jughead Boogie over with for the season? Does this mean Roper is going to get back to working on the layout? Will Sarah finally go out with Bruce?

    Inquiring minds want to know....


    1. Over the winter it's more of a matter of keeping the horses in shape, rather than trying to hit every rodeo. So it's nice to be able to pick ones we want to go to.
      Roper has been enjoying more time in the man cave with his master. Keeping him occupied sure interrupts my modeling time though.
      You'll have to watch your soaps yourself as I can't help you with that last one.