Saturday, July 13, 2013

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    Thanks to my friend Patrick Tillery, I won't have to worry about knocking over any more bottles of glue or accelerator. Patrick was concerned with my repeated clumsiness and suprised me with this neat little bottle holder for the three things I spill the most (surely I'm not the only one?):

Thanks for protecting my workbench Patrick!

    While on the subject of my workbench; I was previously asked if I could share a little bit about it. So with no rodeo Friday night (thank you rain!), I cleaned it off and took some pictures. Since my layout and workbench share space in the basement family room, I want them to have a finished look.

     I found an upscale, solid oak receptionist desk on Craigslist for $100 (many thanks to the investment firm who were hurriedly evacuating their office, and sold me this $3000 value before the Feds showed up!). It is L shaped and measures about 7' X 8'. I like how the desk gives me multiple work spaces so I can have different projects going on at the same time.
    The high sides block the view from the outside if it ever gets messy (and it does!), yet they are still low enough so I can see the big screen TV while sitting at it. My favorite part though, is the counter top. It works great as a bar for snacks (just don't spill anything) or for show n' tell when the guys come over.
A quick search turns up many similar reception desks in all sizes and price ranges.

And completing the work area is my all original 1946 Westinghouse shortwave radio (glow in the dark tubes and all). It is usually tuned to Rockies baseball, Avalanche hockey or to KEZW for classic radio programming from the 30's and 40's. It is definitely a time warp and a very cool way to keep me relaxed while modeling.

Now to go make it all messy again!

~ Cowboy Up!
9 Comments - Click Here :
  1. Yeah... go mess it up as it is utterly digusting in that pristine shape. Even the lines on the pads are square wit da table!


    Nice bottle holder. I need one with about a dozen holes in it.

    1. So glad to have you back Brother d!
      When you coming to Colorado again?

    2. Forgot to mention I love the radio.

      Colorado. Not entirely sure. Might be down this fall. I'd love to see the display. You know I've decided that if get to bulid a layout again I'm doing up the Valley from you. Need to get the ICC maps of the Blue.

      I have several work tables and none of them look like your's. You musta been potty trained tooooo young! Even when I clean them off they don't look like that - Great job!


    3. Oh trust me, it isn't always that clean. Like everyone else, eventually I'm seem to be working in about a 12" square area all the time.
      Hopefully you and Vicki can come back home to visit again. Is your daughter still here?
      Of course, it would be cool if I ever made it up there and you could give a tour of the all great and mighty Northwest Shortline Co.

    4. (Better late than never...)

      Well my sisters are after me to visit this fall (my nephew is getting married - "oh please come to the wedding"). So maybe.

      I cleaned off my primary station the other day...

      didn't look anything like yours. So what's your secret?

      Twelve square inches... really?

      I have a workbench rule - which I never follow; never place anything between the "you" edge of the workbench and the work. d's hands are unguided missiles when busy. SO; oh oops! Where did that go?! d's hands are also disconnected from d's brain and they put things down without d knowing it. Oh oops! Where did that go?! d has a 5x5 canvas tarp under his bench because d has discovered that when things hit a hard surface they bounce; Oh oops! Where did that go?! Or if there is carpet, which is even better to put a tarp over, because things fall and do not bounce at all - makes it easier to find them. The advantage is that ever so often you pick up the tarp and dump its content onto the workbench and sort thru the dirt - treasures abound. Oh, there that is! Some people like to put a bath towel or other large cloth across their lap to catch things. So do I. I just never remember to do it! All I can say is that I was probably abused as a child...


  2. Now THAT'S a work bench! Great Craig's list find Darel. :) I lost my desk/workbench to you know who when she decided to try and work from home.

    1. Craigslist can be a great resource and sometimes you just get lucky. It really was a scene right out of the movies. I called within minutes of the initial posting. The guy said if I want it, that it had to be outta there by noon. He said it was heavy. No joke!
      I brought my cordless drill and got the son in-law to go downtown with me. It took about two hours to disassemble it and get it down thirteen floors and loaded into my dually. All the while people were frantically cleaning out the office and shredding documents. No joke!
      It wasn't until after I got it home that I looked it up and discovered how expensive commercial grade furniture is.
      Having her work from home is a good thing Ted. Now to find you a new desk!

  3. I love the bottle holders. Now that you can't spill them you have to remember to screw the tops on tight so they don't evaporate in our thin air!

    1. Lol! How then will I get my Rocky Mountain High?