Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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    It's been a few weeks since my last blog entry. I have to admit that working on trains has been far from my mind lately. Besides having a day job, within the last month I had a death in the family, visiting relatives, raging flood waters, emergency horse evacuations, rodeo, a fan trip to Chama, and the arrival of my new baby:

    Hopefully, once winter sets in I will get back to making some significant progress worthy of blogging about. There is a Narrow Gauge Convention coming to town soon which I will need to be ready for. Until then, here is another little article to help tide us over:

Summit County Journal; Aug 11, 1917
No. 1 Dredge Cuts Railroad Grade
    A crew of railroad men were here in Breckenridge the first of the week, and laid a new track around the No. 1 dredge of the Tonopah Placers Company. The dredge then cut through the old right-of-way. As soon as this right-of-way has been crossed, the track of the Colorado & Southern railroad will be returned to its original position, using the tailings pile for a roadbed.
    This shows a much different spirit on the part of the Colorado & Southern than was formerly the case. The last time the right-of-way had to be cut, the railroad service stopped at Breckenridge. The officials of the road now state that the business is so great on the west end that it would be impossible to tie up the service for even a few days. This is a much different plea than it was a few years ago, when the only cry was that the railroad was losing money by operating the branch.
    We are glad to know that the company is rushed, and we are also thankful for the service we are getting. The business is here, and by going after it in the right way, the Colorado & Southern can get it.
At Dickey, C&S boxcar 7642 awaits shipment east to Denver.  
The 7642 was last photographed on Trout Creek Pass years earlier.
6 Comments - Click Here :
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    1. Yes it sure is! And since you've finished building it, it's traveled more actual miles than the prototype ever did.

  2. Great Uncle Bender caught photos of this car at or near Bath as I recall. I woulkd have to do some digging to locate those picture.

    I see the C&S has a preproduction prototype of Der Fueher's "People's Car" - must be because Der Fueher was not even in power in the 1920s. He was in jail.

    Nice bug.

    1. Your great Uncle sure took some great photos along the C&S. Its amazing how you were able to capture the exact compositions in your modeling. Wonderful work Brother d!
      The beetle is definitely eating into my modeling time.