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    One of the most rewarding things about having a blog, is the ability to share information. Many visitors post comments (which can be done at the bottom of each blog entry), while the majority of them email back-channel. Thank you to all for sharing your wealth of information!
    The following email is from my longtime friend Derrell Poole, which I have posted below with his permission. Derrell sent me a photo, which after close observation is of the same wreck from my previous post on 12/31/2013. I've included the un-cropped photo from that post as well for comparison. 
    Yes Brother d, these are photos of the same wreck on the same day. I think its safe to say that is Conductor Miller, Dr. Condon and the No. #47. Awesome stuff! Thanks!
    "Darel, this article seems to describe a photo I have which I am forwarding to you by email that was labeled Illinois Gulch 12-31-02 – photo labels being what they are. Pittsburg Spur, according to C&S Timetable No. 9 (Oct. 1902) was located at MP 105.3, which puts it at just under 5 miles from Breckenridge in the upper reaches of Illinois Gulch (Bakers Tank was at MP 102 and Washington Spur was at MP 105.9).
    The 2 photos the locomotive is in the same position both with the plow in the same busted position. Both are B class Cooke built 2-8-0s. In my photo there are two (of the 3?) wrecked cars both being Tiffany Reefers of 26 and 27 foot varieties and neither have yet been rebuilt according the 1902 AFE, This AFE would remove their Tiffany appliances. In my article on the C&S Tiffany Reefers (Colorado Narrow Gauge Quarterly, 1st Quarter 2008 page 18) I list what I’m “guessing” to be the numbers of the two cars. But according to the official records car 586 (27’) was scrapped in May of 1903 so obviously it could not have been the car on the right. The mysteries continue…
    Every time I’ve looked at this photo I’ve wondered which engine that was. I’m not 100% sure these are of the same wreck but there is a lot of close correlation. Still I believe pretty strongly that this is indeed No. 47. Very sad that Engineer Williams was killed in this wreck."

Derrell Poole

Maureen Nicholls
2 Comments - Click Here :
  1. Ahhh that's great - I didn't realize the photo you originally put up was cropped. Seeing the cab pretty much clinches it! Thanks Darel. In my study of C&S motive power - early changes it seems a lot of the Cooke engines were undergoing upgrades during this time. This engine has not yet been upgrade. It stil has the panelled cab, McConnell Stack with short smoke box and other lesser features. Knowing its number helps sort out when changes took place. In short an engine number with a solid date as specific as this is GOLD!

  2. Has anyone noticed the clear view of the butterfly plow hinges on the pilotbeam? I don't recall off-hand seeing these illustrated so clearly before.

    in New Zealand