Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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    Darel Leedy - As I've mentioned before, Roper and I are busy guys. Unfortunately, my life doesn't revolve around building railroad models. So, continually having something to blog about can be a real challenge at times. But I really do enjoy keeping this site updated with fresh content.
    Recently, I've enlisted the help of friends Derrell Poole and Keith Hayes, who have both posted wonderful contributions to the blog. And I'm putting it out there; anyone is welcome to post here. I've modified the Welcome header on the top right of the blog to reflect this.
    The C&Sn3 is all about the ultra obscure hobby of modeling the Colorado & Southern narrow gauge in Sn3. This includes the history of the line and its predecessors. If you would like to write a post to share your modeling or prototype thoughts and meanderings, drop me a line. Even if you don't model in Sn3, we'd love to have you join us!
~ Cowboy Up!

Enthusiasts in Morrison eagerly await the next C&Sn3 blog update.

7 Comments - Click Here :
  1. Awesome, I see the need for a column "Just Ask Derrell". I have found a couple of doozy items in my hunting through photos of DSP&P/DL&G/C&S that defy my knowledge.
    What do you say, Sir?

    in New Zealand

    1. Derrell? Lol! Everybody knows Roper holds the key.
      We could call it "Stump Derrell" and let Roper give us the answer.
      Send me what you'd like Chris and we will get it started.
      Great Idea. Thanks!

  2. Yes. I happily defer to Roper - and his tractor driving little buddy!

    I guess this is as good a place as any to make this appeal:

    I personally feel that it is, well, rude, to expect to carry on a conversation here as an anonymous poster. What anyone who contributes to this or any site (en gratis) knows is that it is a lot of work. And we sign our names to these contributions as a matter of "responsibility". I don't think it is asking too much to know who we are talking to when someone responds. Frankly, if you withhold your identity I get the impression you have more to hide than your name. Or perhaps you are reserved at the thought of saying something that doesn't sound as knowledgeable as you might wish? No one here wishes to make anyone look foolish. (NOT “knowing” is where we all started and making mistakes is part of the process)

    I know what I know because I’ve put a lot of effort into finding out. But I certainly don’t know it all and I don’t think of myself as an “expert”. Lord knows I’ve make mistakes and, in fact, have looked foolish many times. Heck – I make mistakes on purpose so no one knows the difference when I make them accidentally! Ha!

    I believe I have the option of simply not responding to any comment that the writer has no more consideration than to leave his name as anonymous. I've discussed this with Darel and while his position on this may not be as strong as mine we both want to see the Blog thrive as a place of open information, exchange of ideas, a point of interest unfettered with the constraints of commercial obligation, and yes, entertainment with your morning coffee. And friendship! Is it really asking too much that when you comment here that you too offer your name in openness?

    I don't see how but it will be my personal policy to simply not respond to "anonymous". Please sign your name to your posts and if your name is Bob - you are not an endangered species - please include a last name so we know which Bob. Thanks for being respectful, courteous and friendly. My last word on the matter.


    1. And the simplest way to do this is to create a free Google account:

      Thanks everyone for your understanding.

  3. Robert McFarlandMay 30, 2014 at 3:21 PM

    My name is Bob Mc Farland and I live at 728 S.Christine St. Wichita,KS 67218.I model(if you could call it that) the DSP&P around Weston,Park Co. in 1879.So far the "layout" is a series of homosote covered plywood tables with about 21ft. of handlaid track and an On3 LMB Mason Bogie I try to run at least once a day.

    1. Welcome aboard Bob! Thanks for keeping the memory alive by running everyday. That's a better record than the South Park or the C&S ever had.
      Thanks also for the props in the Yahoo groups.
      PS: Probably a little more information than we needed to know since blogging will never require an address to mail a check to. Lol!

  4. Thanks for joining, Bob. I wasn't referring to you in particular; I hope you understand. There are other "Bob" that maybe need to at least sign their name... And not just Bobs.