Monday, July 13, 2015

Overland Passenger Car Modifications - Part 2 | 0 Comments - Click Here :


    Keith Hayes - Once in a while I must bow and listen to Derrell say, "I told you so!" Today is the day.

    I bought an Overland passenger car a few years back and sent it to 7th Street for a paint job. The 7th Street Super suggested I trade out the troublesome brass trucks with some from PBL. I said no, and the car came out of the shop looking good, but with finicky brass trucks and brake shoes that like to short out on the metal wheelsets..

    With all the talk of sound cars, passenger cars are a great candidate too. But, you have to get power to the car. PBL trucks have this figured out. Jim suggested I take the dive, and I got some trucks from PBL.

    Checking the height, and the PBL trucks are a very close match. The issue is the outside bearing equalizer casting, which the C&S car lacks. PBL seems to have anticipated this issue. The equalizer screws to the frame and secures the wipers. Sweet!

    Remove the screws and flip the casting over. Even better there are centering ribs to mark where to saw the casting.

Saw at the end of the ribs, file down the top some,  and clean up the works.

Screw the truck back together, and install the bolster screw, also a perfect fit!

    This is a great project that took less than 15 minutes and greatly improved the rolling quality of this car. I still need to add a brass strip under the lower equalizer bar on each side to more closely replicate the C&S truck, and they need to go to the paint shop for a coat of black paint. But, the car is now ready for a Sound Car install. Thanks Derrell and Jim!

Keith Hayes
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