Monday, December 28, 2015

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    Darel Leedy - Don Peterson and I made the drive to Boulder Sunday evening for dinner and a slide show at John Tempelton's humble abode. We were joined by a couple of other fellow enthusiasts and were first treated to color slides of the C&Sng in my honor. Then Mike Danneman and Rich Farewell presented spectacular views of their trips to the Soldier Summit area in Utah and then British Columbia. Thanks again for hosting John!
    John then forwarded an email from Mel Patrick. Mel would like assistance identifying the location of the photo below. His original email:
Took this photo in May 1973 showing a remnant of the C&S (DSP&P) narrow gauge, about 3/4 miles west of Union Station. From my 1913 Denver street & RR map, I can not pin down such a diamond crossing. What are the tracks crossing and exactly where was this?

4 Comments - Click Here :
  1. Is this compass west of DUT, or DSP&P west (compass south?)? Consulting a map in the pocket of Denver's Railroads, there was a double diamond where the current CML tracks veered to the Burnham lead, and the DUT tracks moved west to the We wattage alignment south of Cherry Creek. I believe we are standing on the track coming from the existing CML line track, looking almost due south. This is just SE of the north end of Rice Yard, and just NW of what I think is called "The Jungle."

    But I could be mistaken.

    Leadville in Sn3

  2. On pg70-71 in the 1951 Rio Grande Freight Traffic Guide by Tramway Press, is a large Denver Rail map showing a pair of tracks intersecting another pair at 90degrees or near enough: This is between the South Platte River and West 31St Ave at the intersection of Fox street (was that were Otto Perry lived?) Only a single track crosses there now.

    in New Zealand

  3. Not sure where this is, but they needed rain!

    1. Leftovers. Google images: Denver flood of 1965.