Monday, January 14, 2013

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    I recently finished reading a new book (2013) by author Jim Sapp and members of the Park County Historical Society. The book is a text version of recordings made during an interview of Andy Anderson in 2005. I love reading personal stories of life on the railroad, and I found this book a very enjoyable and interesting read. I recommend it to anyone interested in South Park railroad history. 
The book is printed upon placing an order, but I found the process and shipping very fast and easy. Below is text from the authors website describing the contents.
The softcover book is available online for 12.95 from BLURB.

The life and times of Andy Anderson - An oral history of life in Como, Colorado during the early days of the railroad era in South Park.

Andy's father “Brownie” Anderson, was an engineer for the Colorado and Southern Railroad in Como and quite the pack rat, saving all things railroad oriented. Ultimately this collection will be shared with the public when the Como Depot restoration is completed.
Born in Leadville and raised in Como, Andy worked for the railroad briefly as a youngster in its final years before abandonment in 1937. His recollections of growing up in Como “back in the day” convey a sense of a simpler time in our history when small town children had all the riches America had to offer, and such things were not measured in dollars.
When America entered World War II Andy answered the call and served his country as a mechanic on Navy PBY aircraft patrolling the Pacific. The “greatest generation” is a term that we hear about to describe Americans from the 1930’s and 40’s who were the epitome of what made America the greatest country on earth. Unselfish, dedicated, capable, hard-working and self-reliant are just of few of the attributes that describe them. That concept, all too seldom experienced today, comes alive when you get to know Andy through his oral history.
At 92 years young, time is catching up with Andy. One of a very few living links to the railroad era in Park County and to life in Como when it was still a railroad town, Andy Anderson is a living treasure. His legacy can teach us all some valuable lessons – if we will just listen.
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  1. Hey Darrel, what's the latest happenings Along the Blue? :)

  2. Ted, It sucks how life gets in the way! Any free time I've had has gone to working on the layout. I've made allot of progress and hope to have photographic evidence of such soon. I've been working on an "Along The Blue" to post until I can get those photos up. I hope to post that tomorrow. More tragedy and gore along the C&S!