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Just a normal week on the High Line:

Summit County Journal; Mar 6, 1909
Ice King Reigns in Realm of Boreas
 Here is the week's diary of railroading on the High Line:
    Friday - Train No. 71 arrives here in Breckenridge at midnight in the wake of a crew of shovelers who had performed a hard and long day's work. All put up at Dickey for the night. Four days' blockade is broken.
    Saturday - No. 72, from Dickey, goes through on time, but has only reached Argentine when No. 71 passes it. It then gets through all right. No. 71 but a few minutes late until it leaves Dillon, when the engine leaves track and topples over, Engineer Thady breaking his wrist. With another engine the train proceeds on it's way to Leadville, arriving there at 9 p.m.
    Sunday - Opinions of orthodox people not withstanding, Sunday is the day of days for travel on the South Park. The day was fine, and everything moved nearly on schedule time. No. 72 brought in thirteen mails by way of Leadville, and Breckenridge was in touch with the course of events once more.
    Monday - No.72 on time here, but five hours late in Como. No. 71 had a hard time of it through South Park and did not arrive here till midnight.
    Tuesday - A howling wind creates further havoc on the pass. Two engines put in the afternoon in a vain attempt to push through from this side. No. 72 arrives from Leadville at 6 p.m., and returns to that city.
    Wednesday - Though it was a veritable summer day, so far as sunshine and warmth were concerned, it not only failed to lift the blockade, but added to the treacherous ice which is now the chief difficulty. When 72 had arrived, but a few minutes late, three engines and a gang of section men started for the pass to open the road. No word having been received from them by 4 o'clock, 72 returned to Leadville.
    Thursday - Nothing moved over the pass. No. 72 returned to Leadville on 71's time. Weather fine.
    Friday - No change apparent.

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