Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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Blue Valley Times; May 16, 1914;
Queer Railroading.
    The snowslide which blocked the C.& S. track in the Ten Mile canon last Friday afternoon was shoveled through Sunday afternoon, and Friday's train No. 70, after visiting Breckenridge and Dillon again, finished it's trip to Leadville.
    Much dissatisfaction was caused by the fact that, although Boreas Pass was open, this train was held at Dickey all day Saturday, and that day's train No. 70 from Denver was ordered to return to that city from Como.
    The Dickey train could have easily formed No. 71 from Dickey that day, and No. 70 come through to Dickey. This was shiftless management of the  C.& S. in not giving us a train over Boreas on Saturday, when there was nothing to prevent the service except uncertain proclivities.

Conductor Tom St. John awaits orders at Dickey last Saturday afternoon.
The train however, did not depart for Leadville until Sunday.
3 Comments - Click Here :
  1. Seems like the Blue Valley Times doesn't think much of the C&S Management. Do you suppose the editor wanted to be the C&S narrow gauge superintendent?

    1. Oh, that hate relationship goes way, way back Tom:
      Montezuma Millrun; Jan 15, 1887;
      When passengers are en-route to Keystone or Dillon on the D.&S.P. railroad they are frequently compelled to remain at Dickey until a late hour in the night, while the engine that should have hauled them immediately to their destination, is detached and used to assist a freight train make a trip of twenty to forty miles. The traffic given this road by Dillon and this place should entitle them to a small share of railroad courtesy.

  2. On the CM, we have B. Clarke Wheeler, editor of the Aspen Daily and Weekly Times who after losing a court case to JJ Hagerman and JB Wheeler bad mouthed the Colorado Midland long after both of those founders sold out their interest in the road, but continued to befuddle B. Clarke in numerous mining deals for years later.