Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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Blue Valley Times; Oct 10, 1914;
Fine Dining
    Because through traffic on the Colorado & Southern railway branch which serves this territory was reopened before the 10th of this month, this Times man had to eat his straw-hat.
    As the straw-hat season was just over anyway, parting with the hat was easy. The exigencies of repeated railroad blockades have accustomed our systems to dishes of straw, sage-roots and pine needles, and our kitchens are presided over by some of the best cooks on earth. Moreover, these concoctions are deliciously flavored with reflections on how the prospect of making us eat them, has inspired the workers on the impaired railroad grade to supreme their efforts.
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  1. Humility from a Colorado Editor, now that is a very rare bird. Most of the editors were give no ground and take no prisoners types of folk.