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1 Comments - Click Here :
  1. The cars are 4506 and 4107. A series of photos to this event of are found on pages 362 to 364 of Dan Abbott's second volume of Colorado Central / Clear Creek set published by Sundance. (Both Dan and Del McCoy are dedicated historians and if you are interested in this portion of the C&S you must have these books.) The Date of the photo is post 2 June 1907, the date when the two shays were sold.

    My interest is in the cars (I like the little shays but I'm not a sidewinder guy nor does the Gilpin ("Colorado" Narrow Gauge) command my interest - not to denigrate any of those subjects!) The coals are very interesting in that they appear to display the transition to compliance with the USSA of 1911. I don't know exactly when the C&Sng started upgrading their freight cars but it seems this was probably some time in 1916; the railroads had 5 years in which to comply with the new ICC rules. I've seen letters where the Feds reprimanded the C&S for not getting with the program - at least on the Narrow Gauge.

    The SUF Coal, 4506, has been upgraded. The additional grab irons and sill steps are the primary clues. Likewise St. Charles 4107 has not been upgrades - again using the grab iron arrangement on the end of the car (top photo page 364 "the Gilpin Railroad era" of the above mentioned Abbott set). As far as I can tell 4107 was finally upgraded between 20 December 1919 and 30 January 1920.

    The lettering of the cars is interesting as they both appear to be the original styles used on each type. The exception is the data markings which were often updated. In particular 4506 may have been reweighed in March of 1917 and 4107 was clearly reweighed in June of 1917. You cannot see this in the above photo but it is evident in the photos in the book.

    AFE 7603 indicates 30 ng cars were to be dismantled during 1929 and at the time of the report, 15 March, 27% of the list was completed. 4107 was on that list. Coal 4506 was converted to flat 1034 at Leadville in 1939.