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More "St. Charles" Side Door Dump Cars | 4 Comments - Click Here :


    Lincoln Pinn - Brother Derrell’s recent comments on C&S narrow gauge side door dump cars prompted me to post some of these cars modeled in On3 by my friend Bob Stears in Billings, Montana.

    After being inspired by brother Derrell’s article and plans for these C&S dump cars in Model Railroader, Bob built a styrene master and commissioned several dozen uni-body resin castings with the help of master resin caster Doug Junda. These one piece body castings were then built up by Bob with the instillation of Grandt Line brake rigging and detail parts, side stirrups, bronze wire grab irons and Kadee On3 couplers. Custom water slide decals were designed by Bob’s friend Bill Meredith using the Corel Draw computer program and printed by Rail Graphics, Inc.

    Although BLW offered very nice wood and metal On3 Ready to Run models of these C&S dump cars many years ago, Bob choose the more economical and creative route to produce his fleet of these unusual C&S dump cars.

    The C&S had ten of these dump cars – probably converted from C&S narrow gauge “St. Charles” coal cars. Bob has built twenty of these On3 cars to represent ten of these C&S dump cars as they would have appeared in 1905 and 1930 respectively.

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Lincoln Pinn

4 Comments - Click Here :
  1. Both the original and rebuilt cars are great looking models.

    Bill Uffelman

  2. Hey Link, were those kits ever available in Proto:On30?

    ...Peter Oaks

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  4. Well. Link. I'd like to say the models are wonderful and that Bob is a master.

    One thing, and I discussed this in your post on type II coal cars, is that there were 8 of these cars, not 10. There was also a car "built" from an ex Utah & Northern car. The cars of St. Charles origin were, C&S - 4000, 4001, 4008, 4011, 4013, 4019, 4041, & 4085. It appears all of the St. Charles cars were 3 board coals (one 12" and two 10"). They were reno'd. to non revenue by adding a zero to prefix the original car number. Then in 1904 they were reno'd. to 0100 - 0107. A ninth car an ex U&N 30 foot side dump coal was C&S 4796. It was formerly UPD&G 10566, obtained by that road in 1896. When it was rebuilt (if it was actually rebuilt) in 1905 it was numbered 0108. Never seen a photo of this car.


    What numbers will Bob be using on his two extra cars?

    Most of this info is on page 214, Narrow Gauge Pictorial Vol. VIII (Grandt)