Thursday, February 28, 2013

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113 years ago today:

Summit County Journal; Feb 28, 1900;
Some More Storms.
    Last Saturday's Journal vouchsafed the prediction that the C&S railroad would be free from snow and open for traffic on that day between Como and Leadville - the territory covered by the snow-blockade. That prediction was made in good faith, and would undoubtedly have proved true, were it not for the fatal disability to the rotary snow plow, ascending Boreas Pass from the Como side on that date.
    On the way to Denver for repairs the big whirling machine collided with a locomotive and further disabled its vital parts, so that by the time repairs were completed the territory between Breckenridge and Como previously open for traffic was visited by another terrific northerner and blockaded for a period of three full days.
    In the meantime the half dozen engines hemmed in between Boreas and Kokomo ran out of coal and all efforts to open the High Line were practically abandoned.
    Today the rotary is endeavoring to plow its way through the snow in the Ten Mile, which when accomplished will be the means of relieving Frisco, Kokomo and Robinson, where they have not been favored with a mail since February 14.
    No freight has passed over this end of the C&S system during the past two weeks, but the railroad people say that the system will be open by tonight.
    A Pointer - It takes a good and substantial roadbed, first-class engines, plenty of fuel and a strong rotary plow to operate a railroad over the hazardous territory traversed by the High Line and without all these requisites the management cannot expect to perform even fairy satisfactory service.

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