Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Gee whiz Pa... When you gonna post those layout photos you've been promising everybody?

    So... I still haven't purchased that new camera that was on my to do list, but here are some recent pictures of the layout as it stands today anyways:

    I constructed the backdrop and wings out of Gatorboard. I found a local source with very reasonable pricing ( Laird Plastics ). They have offices nationwide, so check them out. All of my future benchwork and layout construction will be made using this material. The wings (view blocks) are hinged and can fold inward when being transported. Currently, only one of them is finished, with a sign and a digital photo frame containing a slideshow of prototype photographs. The other wing will have a similar setup.

   I have yet to order the skirting for the layout. But I found a commercial company ( Premier Table Linens ) that again, seems to offer reasonable rates. The red trim on the fascia will be the topic of a future blog post.

    The backdrop is in desperate need of landscape painting. The blue base is very intense right now. Eventually very little of it will be visible, as a long ridge of mountains are directly behind Dickey and the sky will also portray a fairly cloudy day.


    It took a while to get it right, but I'm pleased with the LED lighting I installed in the aluminum angled valance. Many thanks for the recommendations from Ted DilorioBernie Kempinski and Ronald Halma. I started with three warm white strips. But they were too yellow; so I ordered 3 bright white strips. They were too blue. But mixed together, I think they are just right. Its hard to tell since no scenery or finished models populate the layout yet. In the future I will add an RGB strip for special lighting effects. What a great and inexpensive way to light a layout!


    My next steps are to construct the two staging cassettes and install the skirting. Then the layout will be moved out into the family room, and my life will return to the workbench and building models again!
9 Comments - Click Here :
  1. Darel,

    Mighty nice! It's really coming together. The overall look and feel is very professional. I think you are going to have to take the layout on tour!

    One critical comment - Is your sky color too dark of a shade of blue?


    1. Thanks for your comments Doug. You'll have to come over from Kansas sometime and check it out in person.
      As for the sky, my answer is no. If the backdrop was going to be nothing but sky; then my answer would be yes. But I painted the blue only as a primer over the entire Gatorboard. The landscape, horizon and clouds will cover the majority of the backdrop. The sky will only be visible along the very top. It's just a matter of time!
      I hope you haven't let the MR press brainwash you into thinking your sky must be a light white pale blue. Or that it shouldn't be highly detailed, or it will detract from the layout and models. That's hogwash.
      Come on over. I have goodies for you.

  2. You should always listen to Roper. Look at that face! Would he ever steer you wrong? ;) The layout is looking good Darel!

    1. Thank you Ted!
      Oh, Roper just loves chasing the steers! : )

  3. Darel,

    The layout is looking fantastic, it's great to see the whole thing.

    1. Thank you Peter. One of these days I will invest in a real camera and you'll get to see the layout a whole lot better.
      I too enjoy following along with the progress on your blog.

  4. Derel, tell us more about why you want to model a cloudy day, what with all those LEDs?

    Progress is looking fine.

    Keith Hayes

    1. I guess I should clarify. How about partly cloudy with rays of sunshine and blue showing through in spots?
      Thanks for your comments Keith!

  5. Ted stole my Roper comment. Roper is very wise. Chasing Steers is just to trick you into thinking he isn't very bright. I don't know why he doesn't want you to know he is bright but that is definitely the reason!

    Looks really good Darel! Hey, I am thinking real hard about doing a layout of Breckenridge. 'Course it will be about 1910 or so but still just up the creek from Dickey. I think this entire region (Blue River) is vastly under modeled and your work is an exceptional step to mitigating that! Heck if I did Breck I could easily model dual eras... as could you.

    Keep up the good work!