Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hemlock Street Part 6 - Details | 2 Comments - Click Here :

The inspiration for Hemlock Street. Note the deep ditch (gutter), the board walks and the short plank walks across the ditch. Though everything looks a bit rough, there are still picket fences. 
Marion Post Wolcott, September 1941. Library of Congress.

It does not get more basic than this.You stain strip wood and cut it into little pieces. These are applied one-by-one with white glue. The different widths of board are visible, as is the ditch carved into the foam.

The east walk is finished: you can clearly see the crest of the hill in this view. Not only do the stringers get closer together towards the rear of the scene, but I also used smaller (and shorter) boards. Okay, I got a little carried away, but it works!

Here are the buildings of Hemlock Street: the ones at the rear are 1:64; those in the middle are 1:87 and those in front are 1:160 or smaller. All but three of these are kits, though the middle home in the front row is a couple Grandt Reese Street houses kit-bashed to make a longer shotgun house.

Hemlock Street today. There is still a lot to do, like finishing the roof for Dunn's, adding lots of details, figures and some landscaping. This has been a fun project that came together relatively quickly.
Keith Hayes
Modeling Leadville in Sn3
2 Comments - Click Here :
  1. It sure looks like you are having a heck of a lot of fun!!

  2. Thanks, Derrell. You know, the layout is far enough along that I can pick and choose what I want to take on. The key is to keep working towards finishing tasks. To-do lists help keep me focued.

    Keith Hayes
    Leadville in Sn3