Saturday, October 25, 2014

Roper's Snapshot Saturday No.20 | 4 Comments - Click Here :

Courtesy Robert Boorman Collection.

Courtesy Robert Boorman Collection.
4 Comments - Click Here :
  1. The Newhouse Tunnel! Doggoned if I can remember where that was but my brain is full of crap right now and I have Kelly Bundy Syndrome.

    Great photo Bob! I hope others take the time to comment of the car. It deserves the attention.


    1. Think ARGO, the common name for the Newhouse Tunnel at Idaho Sprgs. The only thing familar to later photos of the Tunnel and Mill is the treed hillside left of the Portal. A later view is DPL MCC-370 which expanded greatly in DPL X-61683.

      Brilliant, another piece in one of my jigsaws.


      in New Zealand

    2. Thanks Chris. That seemed vaguely possible after I posted my comment but 'tis a crazy season and will be until Nov. 5th.

      I'm more of a warrior these days than historian....

  2. Coal Cars 105(?)49 was part of a series of 24', 10 ton cars previously owned by the Colorado Central. The number series was 10500 - 10556 on the UPD&G. These went on to become C&S 4591 - 4601. Great picture, thanks for sharing Bob!

    Doug H.