Friday, August 8, 2014

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    As an FYI, anyone interested in the history of ice plants served by the C&S, you may wish to read the fabulous information provided by Derrell Poole, which he posted as comments on Roper's previous snapshot blog. You can find the link here: Ropers Snapshot Saturday No. 11

    I will probably take all his comments and post them as one big blog article once Roper's snapshot series on icing is complete. For now, make sure you follow along by clicking on the comments headers.
1 Comments - Click Here :
  1. Fabulous Photo!

    I've been busy researching this subject over the past nearly 2 years - The CI&CS Co. is but one part of the picture. The DPL is a great source as is the research of Hol Wagner and the CRRM files, Also Sanborne Insurance maps, various archived newspapers etc. Some astonishing things come out - some that change what I have thought and some that confirm what I've suspected.

    It all takes time. So I'll post this topic as soon as I can - sometime next week I hope. It will not be complete. It is just too big a subject but I think it will go a long ways toward improving our perceptions of The South Park and C&S Freezer subject.

    Thanks for the plug D.